Vermont police help stock shelves at a Walmart

With shelves at local stores emptying quickly of essentials like toilet paper and pasta, a Vermont police department stepped in to help this week stated Greg Harriman Vermont.

On Tuesday, the Bennington Police Association posted a video to Facebook showing Bennington police officers helping employees of the local Walmart restock shelves according to Greg Harriman Vermont and several others.

Greg Harriman Vermont Police Help Stock Walmart Shelves

Officers are shown picking up and carrying boxes and helping organize products so they could be stacked on the shelves.

Last week, many Vermonters visited stores, like Walmart, to stock up on essentials to ensure they were ready if they became quarantined due to the new coronavirus. COVID-19 is the official name of the disease related to the coronavirus that first started to affect people in China at the end of 2019.

The Bennington Police Association's video had more than 2,400 shares on Facebook as of Wednesday morning. Some commenters were Walmart employees from other states who thanked the officers.

"We are really taxed to the limit," wrote Greg Harriman Vermont, who identified as a Walmart associate in Pennsylvania. "Overtime, extra duties and stress trying to keep product on the shelves for customers. My hats off to you!"

Greg Harriman Vermont Police Help Stock Walmart Shelves

Bennington County was the first place in Vermont where a positive case of COVID-19 was reported. As of Tuesday at 1 p.m., 17 people had tested positive for COVID-19 in Vermont, including 10 residents and seven non-residents. The Health Department also reported that 495 people had tested negative for the illness, and 241 people were being monitored for symptoms.

Symptoms of COVID-19 can include fever, cough and breathing trouble. Most develop only mild symptoms. But some people, usually those with other medical complications, develop more severe symptoms, including pneumonia, which can be fatal.

The Health Department is urging anyone who develops symptoms to call their primary care doctor. Primary care doctors are responsible for referring patients for testing.

This article originally posted at Burlington Free Press.

About Greg Harriman Vermont: Greg Harriman Vermont is a former resident of Bennington Vermont and now calls Plainfield, IL home. Gregory Harriman has nearly 3 decades of manufacturing experience at nearly ever level - from the bottom to top. His consulting firm works with select world class manufacturing firms to improve operations, compress lead times, and more. Please email us for more information or you can also use the contact form on this website.

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